Meet Our Staff

Our teachers are State-licensed and committed to the children and their families. The staff attend state-mandated workshops and training. The staff is certified in CPR and first aid. Teachers maintain contact with parents through personal phone calls, conferences, and emails. They make personal visits to the home of each child before the child begins school. Click on each name to “meet” the members of our staff.

  1. Gail Hayman, School Director
  2. Suzanne Damato, Group Teacher
  3. Tiffany Gomez, Group Teacher
  4. Theresa Gorman, Group Teacher
  5. Stella Rosenzweig, Group Teacher

Pastor Charles Austin

Teacher Assistants:
Joan Baumann
Arlene Bauta
Virginia Pollard
Gwen Halko
Rita Jones

Lunch Bunch Helpers:
Janyce Perrone
Gretchen Morrow
Nicole Giaccio
YeonJoo Shin

Office Personnel:
Janet Marchese
Margie Jackson
Marie Kashammer
Marie Millner

Board of Education:
Joan Baumann (Deacon)
Lauren Dray-Rinaldi
Nicole Hazarian
Sally Leara
Lucie Marjoras
Robin McConnell
Gretchen Morrow

In addition to state-mandated accreditation, we are associated with both the Lutheran Schools Association (LSA) and the Evangelical Lutheran Education Assocation (ELEA), which help us provide your child with a higher quality education through access to their unique resources, workshops and conferences.